Quality is inherited

La Silla began its breeding program with a band of mares that had made a name for themselves as excellent jumpers in the toughest international arenas. We then sought out proven broodmares that had already produced outstanding Grand Prix horses. We believe that the mares are the critical factor, the solid base that is necessary for the success of a serious stud farm.

Once we had acquired the mares, we began to look for stallions with classic jumping bloodlines also known for their performance in the jumping arena, trying to get to the essence of a champion, regardless of the country of origin or stud book in which they are registered.

Along the way, we found that the best jumpers inevitably have outstanding pedigrees.

We believe that the product of two champions has the best chance for success: We believe that quality is inherited.

That leaves only one other factor: God, whose help we ask for, in this pursuit of excellence in sport and in genetics!